Samadhi Mandir


Samadhi Mandir is a temple built around the burial place of the saint Sai Baba. While the temple is built of stones, the Samadhi itself is a beautiful white marble structure with wonderful ornamental decorations. There is an idol of the saint behind the Samadhi. Any one can visit the temple between 5 AM and 10 PM every day. Special events occur during the Thursdays.This is the main Mandir. The building of this mandir was constructed with blessing of Shri Sai Baba by Sh. Gopal Rao Butti, an ardent devotee of Baba. It is therefore also known as BUTTIWADA. Shri Sai Baba took Samadhi on Dussehra day i.e. on 15th October, 1918 and as per his wishes his sacred body has been laid to eternal rest here  now known as Samadhi Mandir. It has Shri Sai Baba’s idol in white marble gazing with majestic demeanor at his devotees.
Everyday Pooja, Abhishek and four Aartis are performed in Samadhi mandir.

Other Places


Gurusthan means the resting place of the God. Sai Baba himself identified this spot, which is under a neem tree, and it is considered to be the resting place of his God. This is why the place is called as Gurusthan. A portrait of the saint is kept her on an elevated platform.
Baba was first spotted here when he first arrived in Shirdi. According to him, this is the place of his guru located under the Neem (Margosa) tree, referred to in the book Shri Sai Satcharitra. It is believed that the leaves of this tree are partially sweet. There is a dhuni stand next to it where it is the experience of devotees that if they burn incense here on Thursday and Friday they get rid of their troubles. It is wonderful to sit and meditate near the G u r u s t h a n   as it generates inner peace leading to unison with Baba.





Dwarkamai is a holy mosque, which is in the right side of the Samadhi Mandir. This is the place where Sai Baba lived all his life after coming to Shirdi. It is also the place where the saint met his devotees and solved their problems. ‘Dhuni’, the sacred fire lit by Sai Baba has been constantly burning for more than hundred years now. This is where the ‘Udi’ the sacred ash is distributed among the devotees every day. There is also a life-size portrait of Sai Baba at his sitting place inside the mosque.The Dwarkamai is one of the cherished treasures of Shirdi. Since his arrival in Shirdi till he took Samadhi, Sai Baba stayed here and blessed innumerable devotees. This Shila (stone) on which he used to sit is located here. Besides, the sacred fire (dhuni) lit by baba is eternally burning here . Baba used to give UDI from his dhuni to all his devotees to fulfill their wishes. According to baba this (ash) is what we will all become in the end and we should never forget this.He would also cook food and give it to all his devotees. The Palki and chariot are kept here.



On every alternate day Shri Sai Baba used to proceed in procession from Dwarkamai to this place and stay here. Chawdi is located near the Samadhi mandir on eastern side. Even now on every Thursday, between 9:15 pm and 10:00 pm Baba’s photo, holy Padukas (wooden sandals) and Baton are taken in Palki from Dwarkamai to Chawdi.






Baba used to go for a stroll in this Bagh (garden), which is located within the Samadhi Mandir Complex. Nanda Deep  (sacred oil lamp) is kept continuously lit near the Peepal tree, which is planted by Baba himself in this garden, A small Dutta Mandir is also situated in this garden, where Baba’s beloved horse Shyamkarna (Shyamsunder) was laid to eternal rest. There is also a well in this garden, which is known as Baba’s Shivdi.





The temple is located near Shri Sainath Hospital , on Nagar–Manmad Road. When the marriage party of Chand Patil’s wife’s brother came to Shirdi, they had taken shelter near the banyan tree located near the Temple. When Shri Sai baba who had accompanied this marriage party, alighted with others, the pujari-Mahalsapati welcomed this young ascetic with words ‘AAO SAI’ (COME SAI). So this holds special attraction in Shirdi. The place where the bullock cart stopped has been commemorated with a shrine and Baba’s Padukas are placed here.





Shani Singhnapur

Other places of interest surrounding Shirdi are the Shani Singhnapur - seat of lord Shani about 70kms from Shirdi. Devotees come from all over to seek blessings of lord Shani. The unique quality about this village is that there are no locks in any houses in this village. It is said that due to blessing of Lord Shani there is no fear of crime in this village






Transport and Stay

Aurangabad is the nearest airport to the holy town of Shirdi, and it’s about 144 km away from the town. Nasik is the nearest railway station, and it is about 123 km away from Shirdi. Being situated on the Ahmadnagar–Manmad road, Shirdi is easily accessible through road. There are regular bus services to Shirdi from nearby cities. As the town itself is very small, getting around is not a problem. There are rickshaws and auto rickshaws that help tourists and pilgrims in local transportation.

Although Shirdi has a limited number of hotels, it can provide a comfortable accommodation to every kind of visitor. All the hotels of the town are located close to the temple. Some of the hotels are Hotel Sand-n-Sand, Hotel Goradia, and hotel Lodha.