In the year 2006, by the inspiration of almighty God Sri Sai Babaji, a seed was named Sri Sai Sharanam Dham sanstha sown under the guidance of Swami Satyanand nand ji Maharaj (Ambala) and with the help of devotees of Sri Sai babaji near Sri Badi Devi Talab Mandir at Kapisthali , Kaithal. By the Grace of Sri Sai Babaji and his devotees that seed has grown up as a vast tree having its branches like Sai Langar Bhawan, Sai Vatika etc.  some of detail of this tree is as under:
In the year 1996, one Sai Bhagat from kaithal alongwith Baba Shri Dharampal Ji (Ghraunda) visited the Holi City, Shirdi.  It is quite imponsible to describe in words that how they got feeling of enjoy and satisfaction there. This visit proved to be the mile stone for the Sri Sai Sharanam Dham later on. Through this visit, the number of devotees increased by leaps and bounds. Today, to visit Shridi has become religious fair for all the devotees.
To see all this, when all the devotees of Sri Sai met Shri  Rohtash Lal Tiwari, he assured to give for all kind of help to develop this Dham.
Sri Shidi Sai Sharanam Dham  Sansthan was established and got registered in Ambala by the blessings of Swami Satyanandji Maharaj ( Ambala Wale). Some Sai devotes are appointed as care takers of this Dham for the smooth functioning.
The membership fee to join this Dham has been fixed Rs. 500/- (One time payable) . On 17 December , 2006 first Sai Sandhaya was organized  on which Bhajans were sung by great devotee Mukesh Sexena , Due to organize of this ‘Sandhaya’ many other people of the city have also shown their keen interest to from Sai Dham.
After making endless efforts to local administration  for some land for this Dham but after getting no favour from their end, the devotees of this Dham had decided to collect money from themselves and by the grace of Sri Saiji and endless efforts of the devotees , a plot (having 200 Gajh) near Badi Devi Talab Mandir was purchased in the year 2007 and the Sansthan had declared that on this land a Bhavya Mandir will be constructed. Further it had been decieded that Mr. Surenderji would look after all the counstruction work, Simultaneously , the 2nd Bhavya Sai Sandhya was also organized on 18 November 2007 with great hustle and bustle.
The great moment has come on 19 November, 2007 at 9:00 AM when Swami Satyanandji Maharaj and Mahant Harishji Shastri alongwith many devotees had started Bhumi Puja for this Sai Sansthan Dham. The  contract was given to Mr. Rajenderji and by showing his ability he had completed this task within a short  span of 12 months.
In the month of May, 2008 Aarti was started on each Thursday in this under-constructed mandir on which one can feel the amazing gathering all the time. Simultaneously, devotees were eagerly waiting for completion of construction and their waiting came to an end when in the morning of 24 December, 2008 , Pran Pratishtha of Sri Sai was made.
On 24 August, 2008, at almost 11:00 am, Swami Satyanandji Maharaj and Mahant Harishji made Pran Prathistha after making Jalabhishek in a proper manner. First of all, the Murti of Sri Sai ji was shown to mirror and made two marks of Eyes to prove the extistance of Almighty God Sri Saiji . On the same day , an another Sai Sandhya was organized near Govt. Hospital by Mr. Ghanshyam Bawra.
In the year 2009, ‘ Sai Prasadalya’ was prepared by purchasing adjourning land.  Ram Navmi Utsav was celebrated in this mandir on 2 April,2009 with great hustle and bustle. 4th great Sai Sandhya was organized on 24 December, 2009. The main performer of this evening was Mr. Jaani Sofohia.
On 27 December, 2009, free health care camps were started where all the patients of Blood Sugar, Heart diseases can get all the tests and medicines, free of cost. In the same analogy , this year too, we are organizing a free Camp for all diseases  on 1 Jan, 2013.
5th Great Sai Sandhya was organized on 24 December, 2012, and the main Performer of this evening was Mr. Shailash Bansal and Mr. Surender Sharma. In the year 2011, adjourning land of Sai Mandir, another land was purchased for Sai Vatika.